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You have it and you are stuck with it.  You will have to make do with what you have and try to change the world with it.

It’s Your Personality

Every person in the world is different.  No two people are alike.  We all look through the world with a pair of eyes but see different things. I know, you are asking yourself, why is it so important as an entrepreneur (or even just a human in general) to care so much about their own personality?  The answer is simple, it allows us to better understand what are strengths are so that we can utilizes those to our advantages, while also knowing what are weaknesses are so that we can ask for help.

Fun Personality Test

1. Ennegram Personality Test (sign-up required)

The Ennegram is based on introspection, so it is slightly different from the “normal” personality test. Enneagram is nine archetypes of human nature: personalities like The Enthusiast, The Peacemaker, The Achiever. Personally I’m a #5: The Investigator.” Each type views the world through its own lens and relates to people differently.

2. Personal DNA

This is a comprehensive and fun personality test that was developed by a group of psychologist.  The best part is after you are all done, you get a colorful result!  As a visual person, I love that.  In this test I am an “Animated Leader”.

Animated Leader from Personal DNA

3. 4C Personality Test

Think of this test as a simplified Myer-Briggs.  Who the heck can remember which of the 16 combination of letters they are?  I am definitely cannot although that may be because I am on the line on several of the options.  Enter Larissa Levkovitch who created a simplified version, basically you fall into one of four categories.  For me personally, I am a “Checker”. This one is a course, so it comes with explanation on how to cope with your personality and others too.

4. Approval Seeking Personality Test (sign-up required)

Whether we want to admit or not, we all tend to want to approve others.  For some it is an addiction and others just simply don’t care.   This quiz will help you explore where you lie on the spectrum.  For me personally I am a “Chameleon”, or my degree of approval varies on the situation that I am in.

5. Your Etsy Dreams

This particular “quiz” is less about your personally and more about your entrepreneurship, this particularly deals with Etsy, but I think it is easy to apply to other e-commerce sites.   This is definitely a comprehensive exploration of you and your entrepreneurial spirit.

Which quiz was your favorite?  What is your personality type?

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