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You want to take the first step and open an online store. So you head to Etsy and start filling out all the sections and even post an item or two.  Then you start to hear all this chatter about branding and how the easiest way to do that on Etsy is to make a banner.  Great, except you are not a graphic artist!

Here is a list of sites that will help you create an Etsy banner without the graphic artist jargon and cost.

5 Stress Free Ways to Make an Etsy Banner

  1. Banner Fans
  2. Etsy Banner Generator
  3. Esty Banner Maker at Business Card Star 
  4. Banner Maker at Fotor 
  5. Canva Etsy Banner Designer

Good Luck!

If you design a banner using one of these sites, I hope that you will share your creations below in the comments..