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One of the best ways to make an impression with the overall feeling of quality to your brand: Set up protocols and stick to them. Create a style guide and include your brand fonts, colors (use hex codes for consistency), logos and other elements. If you have web designers or coders, or graphic designers or VAs to put together digital products from plain text submitted by content writers, making sure they have a copy of (or access to) your style guide is a great way to cut time from projects—and make sure all your elements are consistent.

Style applies to every design element in all your web presences and correspondences, including:

There are different ways to make sure that your branding stays consistent. Design Cap is a great tool for this, particularly if you are a solopreneur. It is hard enough to run your own business so there is no need to sweat the branding stuff. Using a tool like Design Cap can help you by letting you choose instantly from all sorts of pre-made templates: Social platform cover photos, ads, business cards, eBook covers and more.

If you’re the sole content creator, utilize the latest tools that make content creation so easy. Design Cap has a free version so you can test them out. With their library of templates and fonts, you can easily upload your photo and create a social media graphic within minutes. Stop wasting your time today and discover this great tool that can help you create branded contents within minutes.