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Have you been following me?  I hope you are caught up.  If so you would have read (1) How to conduct market research, (2) 12 ways to use market research for your business, and (3) How to identify your ideal customer.  Now you are probably wondering what this all has to do with each other.   Very simply it is:

Why should a customer buy from YOU versus the competition?

Do you know why?  Have you ever really thought about it? Me either really until recently, but let me tell you going through this thought process will blow your mind.  What it does is let you know exactly what words/phrases you should be using to get people to buy from you!  That is exactly what we want to do, right?

So what is a Unique Selling Proposition?  It is the intersection of “what you do well” and “what your customers want”.  In order to do this you need to understand what you are selling, who your ideal customer is, and what your competitors are doing.  If you are wondering why your competitors matter, well it is because you can only claim UNIQUE if that is truly the case.


Welcome to the first step in developing your unique selling proposition so that your business can take off and really shine.  I’ve decided to create a 9 page workbook that will give you all the inspiration you need to build your unique selling proposition. Each proposition is different, as they are highly integrated to your own personal needs, but there is a basic formula in this book that will drive you to success.

Share your USP in the comments below!


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