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On May 19th, the Craft Action Group hosted Ms. Joanna Salinas at Indie Chic.  She was kind enough to come by and lead a discussion on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  You can find a out more about Joanna and why she is so amazing from her interview.

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Now if you are like a lot of people you don’t even know what SEO is or why it is important.  I think the easiest way to understand SEO is by example…Take for example these earrings that I have created and you were trying to find them on the world wide web.


What would you type in Google to find them?

Yes, they are in fact earrings, but if you typed that into Google you are not likely to find them.  What makes these earrings unique?  What type of material are they made from? Who will they appeal to?

It is important to know that consumers tend to only look at the first page of Google and if you are lucky about 30 sites deep (if they are really digging for something).  If you aren’t hitting the top 30 then its time for some new keywords.

There are 3 Ways to Improve SEO

Social Networking

Creating Good Content

Placing Ads

It is important to note that the first two of the aforementioned options are virtually free, with the exception of time.  The third option will require a bit of investment, but also has a good ROI (but this just may not be feasible if you are just starting out).

It is highly suggested that everyone have their own website (something outside of their commerce store such as Etsy) which can be their hub. It is here on your own site that you will want to generate good content.  The best way to create quality content is to LOOK FOR TRENDS.  You can find the latest trends by searching on social networks, following blogs in your niche/competitors, and searching through magazines.  If you are looking to create inexpensive content then seek out student copywriters, it should cost about $5 for an article.

Here are a list of resource Joanna included with her discussion:

What is SEO?

SEO for your website

Using Social Media to Increase SEO

Some other random thoughts by the group: