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I teach in all of my Craft Entrepreneurship Classes, that there are three main tenants to being successful on an online platform from which you sell your handmade goods.  I feel like whether it is Etsy, ArtFire, Arftcra, etc these still hold true.  Here they are:

Would you say this is true?

Regardless, I have an opportunity I would like to share with you today on photography. Some of you will say you are a pro and some of you will say you are a novice.  But where are you really?

You’ve been interested in photography for a while, but do you still feel unsure of where you need to focus your attention to really improve your skills?

What if you could take a test that would help you identify how you can grow, as well as where you already excel as a photographer? For instance, are you amazing with composition, but a little shaky on creativity and inspiration?

Once you take the 5-minute online assessment, you’ll get personalized suggestions to help you discover how your photography can really improve and next steps to take you there. I know you’ll be glad you did it!

I personally scored as a semi professional, in honestly it is one of my favorite side hustles. No I don’t make on it and never intend to, I just find it fascinating to experiment with.

How did you score?

That being said I still have multiple webinar opportunities for you.  Here they are: