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I began working with clay in 2002 while I was studying Space Science at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL.  By the end of my first semester I was completely hooked!  Painting bisque ware was exactly what I needed to expand my creative horizons and to excite my inner creativity.

After college I moved to New Mexico where I started working as an Engineer.  I continued to use clay as a creative outlet and eventually opened up an online store to sell my wares, specializing in custom wedding signature plates and functional ceramics.

In 2010, I decided to expand my creative endeavors by becoming a certified metal clay artist.  I have since continued this learning experience by taking classes under Hadar Jacobson and self-teaching.  I continue to explore new techniques in jewelry making and have had several tutorials published in magazines.

Today I am thrilled to be moving into our beautiful new building!   It is exciting to teach again, adults and children, and to open the world of clay to anyone who wants to learn! Clay is an exciting world with endless possibilities, it is so rewarding to be able to share that.  I also look forward to bringing in professional artists to teach all kinds of different techniques so that you can create something beautiful.

I hope you will all come learn with us and get excited about “Making Your Mark”!

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Check out the past workshops I have hosted and see if you would like to host one!

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