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Social media is booming and it’s not just enough to say something anymore.  Now you have to SHOW people something!  This means that you need to be an amazing photographer or know where to find amazing photography.

Lucky for you have taken some time to scour the web for my 10 favorite places to find free stock images.

how to find free stock images

  1. PhotoPin – A searchable database of CC photos.
  2. Designspiration – Pictures of posters, t-shirts, and other artistic things.
  3. Unsplash – 10 new photos every 10 day.  You can even get them sent direct to your inbox.
  4. New Old Stock – Vintage photos and book illustrations
  5. Getty Images – These are sorted by popular categories which change weekly.
  6. Pixabay – Free images that are sorted by category or can be searched.
  7. Gratisography – Beautiful photographs, many of which have a filter already applied to them.
  8. Negative Space – Gorgeous photos from all over the world.
  9. Pic Jumbo – So many beautiful photographs and many of them are free.
  10. Life of Pix – Pictures submitted by real life people just like you and me, but don’t worry its curated.

What is your favorite place to find images?